Miracle Freeze Mudd
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When you need a MIRACLE!

Ankles * Feet * Hocks * Knees * Shins * Stifles

This is that "little something" that can knock off that 1/100ths that you were short of winning your event.  Keep your horse tight and sore free!!

Miracle Freeze Mudd is a creamy smooth mud that is hand-made in small batches, which insures its consistent high quality.  Used by top trainers, Miracle Freeze Mudd works on old arthritic joints, bucked shins, bows and suspensories, sensitive feet, and stifles.  It can be used as a freeze, poultice, tightener, and foot pack.  Easy to use, Miracle Freeze Mudd saves time, money, and is versatile enough to use on ankles, feet, hocks, knees, shins, and stifles.

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