Miracle Freeze Mudd
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Different ways to apply

Apply to clean dry surface.  Do not use on sensitive skinned horses, on cuts, open wounds, or with any medications.  Wrapping not necessary for all applications.

With Miracle Freeze Mudd you only need to use half as much as other poultices.

  • As a tightener for an injury, apply on leg, wrap over with newspaper or brown paper, (plastic will hold heat), then apply a polo wrap and hose down leg with cold water.  Leave on for 24hrs, remove, let leg dry, reapply, 2nd day repeat, and the 3rd day NO Mudd, then repeat 2 days on, 1 day off. (Tip- soak the polo wrap & paper before applying.)

  • As a preventative and to keep them tight, apply after a workout, over the knees and hocks and down to the hoof.  After applying a thin coating, run some cold water over it, and repeat the water a couple hours later.  The Mudd can stay on for 12-24 hours.

  • Foot bruises and corns, identified by soft ares on the feet that make the horse flinch when firm pressure is applied, are excellent candidates for Mudd.  A horse who has just come up lame after stepping on a rock or pulling a shoe will benefit as well.  Mudd can also be used to encourage drainage when your horse has a hoof abscess.  As a hoof pack, fill bottom of hoof and put in boot or wrap up for 2-3 days.

  • Cover hocks and stifle area with a thin coating to help prevent heat and soreness.  Any areas that have heat and soreness from inflamed or sprained muscles, tendons, and joints will benefit.

  • Swelling from a kick, bug bites, swelling from a shot, bumps and bruises.  Blows that cause no skin damage but a lot of local swelling can be treated with Mudd. Rub on a small amount to cover the area and run some cold water over it.

  • When hauling, apply to legs when hauling 3+ hours. Apply over knees and hocks all the way down to the hoof. (No need for wrapping if you don't have an injury.) Apply a thin coating, then hose down (not off) with cold water to chill the Mudd. Repeat with water after you arrive to your destination, and leave on until you're ready to get your horse ready.

  • For removal, run water on it, wait a few minutes, then use a brush, sponge, or soft rubber curry.

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