Miracle Freeze Mudd
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Overall, poulticing is one of the safest and most problem-free treatments you can use on your horse.

As poultice dries out, it can pull fluid out of swollen areas and through the skin.

When dealing with old leg injuries or arthritic joints that tend to stiffen up, Miracle Freeze Mudd might be your best approach to preventing "morning after" stiffness.


Apply to clean surface 60-90 minutes prior to race.  Remove with water (warm or cold).  FREEZE is now activated and will last 1 1/2-2 hours.  This replaces the costly and time consuming ice tub method.


Removes heat & soreness from inflamed or sprained muscles, tendons & joints.


Special scientific hard boot remedy mixture of the finest bracing and tightening ingredients give you the results you demand.  This will draw the leg down tight for a long period of time.


Excellent for stone bruises, abscess, hot, sore sensitive feet.  WIll remove sand and gravel from bottom of foot in 7 to 10 days.


Contains: Alkalies, cider vindgar, Epsom salts, glycerin, lime, water, magnesia, volcanic ash, silica, methol, etc.

CAUTION: Do not use on sensitive skinned horses, cuts, open wounds, or with medications.

If the product in your bucket is a little thicker than you'd like it, add some water. If it's a little soupy, leave the cover off until desired thickness.

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